During Black History Month Meet Alzheimer’s Hero Herman Howard

Herman_opt (1)
Herman Howard, Champion Bowler

At 83, Herman Howard knows a few things about life. “You’ve gotta keep your head about you and you’ve gotta have heart,” he says. Herman has spent his life trying to do just that. And now, after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2016, he is participating in our Early-Stage Support Group to help stay active, keep his mind sharp and help others along the way. Herman’s advice is prophetic because most dementia research shows that what’s good for your heart is also good for your brain.

This past summer Herman was kind enough to record a promotional radio announcement for the Alzheimer’s Association. ” If I can use my voice to get the word out to let others with this disease know they’re not alone, then that’s a very worthwhile use of my time.”

Click below to hear Herman’s radio spot.

Herman is a veteran and former building inspector for the City of Dayton, and he’s also a champion bowler with numerous trophies to his name, having competed in cities across the country. “Bowling has been my passion. I can’t do it as much as I once did because of my age, but I sure do love it. I’m thinking about getting back out there to bowling in the 55+ bowling league.”

He also likes serving his community and making people laugh. “I want to do whatever I can to help others dealing with this disease and to help the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. They are making a big difference in my life and I want to give back,” he says.


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