Why We Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Bev Dutro, a Dayton Walk fundraiser, shares her “Why We Walk” story.

Learn & Prepare
When my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 7 years ago, neither my brother, sister or myself, really knew anything about the disease.  We tend to be proactive and wanted to learn as much as possible so that we could help Mom in her current situation and to also be prepared for the journey down the road.  Our first step was attending a support group meeting where we received tools and resources.  It’s a relief to feel a common bond with everyone at the support group meetings.  We also realized how lucky we were because as a family we were all on the same page about mom’s needs and had the support of each other, friends, and neighbors.  We also realized how many people in the group and the community at large, did not understand Alzheimer’s disease and just needed help and support from the Alzheimer’s Association.  We attended education programs and utilized the services of a social worker from the Alzheimer’s Association.  The education, support, and resources available are phenomenal at little to no cost.  We feel strongly that what we gained through the Alzheimer’s Association helped us give the best to our mom.

Mission to help others by Walking to End Alzheimer’s 
Our mission was to help Mom but along the way, our goal became to help others as well.  We have heard stories from people struggling to help their family member with the disease.  The Alzheimer’s Association was always the first suggestion we would give to these people.  However, a great organization needs support to serve others.  My sister and I have participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s for many years.  We have done several activities to raise monies to help ensure resources are available to others as the numbers of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease grows  – donations through letters to friends and neighbors, donations allowing to wear jeans for a Jeans Day at work, garage sales, and for the last three years we have joined forces with the Northmont Area Sales Network for a charity token auction.  This group has been very gracious in what monies come back to the charity.  Last year, over $2500 was raised.  This year’s charity token auction was held on August 3, 2017.  Although the totals are not yet available, we hope to exceed last year’s amount.  In addition to the money raised from our activities, we always have literature available to provide information and resources to others starting this journey with Alzheimer’s.  We want to open the door for others to receive help.

Empowering with others 
We also have FUN with all we do to fight this horrible disease!  Alzheimer’s disease is tough and it can be draining physically, emotionally, and financially.  We have experienced that, and still do on a daily basis, but the common bond of the disease has strengthened our family, our friendships, and our desire to help others as we continue to raise monies and to fight this disease in honor of our mom.

Find Your 2017 Walk: Springfield Sept. 9 | Miami County Sept. 16 | Sidney Sept. 23 |
Greenville Sept. 30 | Dayton Oct. 7


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