Be a game changer for the Alzheimer’s Association

Bernie Rabinowitz, Beverly Louis are game changers for the Alzheimer’s Association Miami Valley Chapter 

Bernie’s story
When Bernie Rabinowitz’s wife, Carole, developed Alzheimer’s, the Alzheimer’s Association Miami Valley Chapter staff were extremely supportive, he says. “We received personalized counseling delivered with compassion and candor, two things that are very important to understanding and coping with dementia. The chapter’s counseling and support services are individualized and available to everyone without cost. I work to raise funds for the Association so that they can continue to offer the services free of charge.”

Beverly’s story
Bernie’s sister-in-law, Beverly Louis, helped Bernie care for her sister Carole. “My mother had dementia and then my sister developed the disease, as have several other people in my family. I’m constantly wondering whether I will be next. That’s why I support the Alzheimer’s Association and all their efforts to help find an effective treatment or cure so myself and others like me don’t continue to worry and wonder,” she says. Beverly recently enrolled in a clinical study to help find a treatment for dementia. “It’s tough sometimes to find hope, but participating in clinical studies helps me and it could some day help everyone.”

Become a game changer today
The Alzheimer’s Association is unrelenting. They are optimistic, and believe they can achieve their vision of a world without Alzheimer’s®. The Alzheimer’s Association will lead the way to finding the first survivor, all they need is YOUR help to:

  • Advance advocacy and raise money for research to attain a life-changing treatment.
  • Create innovative ways to increase the number of people served.
  • Build partnership with local medical providers to improve timely and accurate diagnosis.
  • Inspire game changers to work together until we have our first survivor of Alzheimer’s.

Together, we can change the trajectory of Alzheimer’s disease. Will you join us? Visit to become a game changer today. On behalf of the more than 30,000 individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease in the Miami Valley, thank you!

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