Go Purple and Join Kelli for The Longest Day®

We all have a reason to go purple and pay homage to our loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s for The Longest Day.

Kelli Jones is a longtime Chapter supporter and has not only participated in the Dayton Walk to End Alzheimer’s, but most recently was part of The Longest Day 2017 and went purple with us to honor all those facing Alzheimer’s.

“My grandmother had a severe case of dementia. When my grandfather passed away, my mother decided the only way she was going to be able to keep my grandmother out of a nursing home was to move her in with us. It wasn’t until my grandmother moved in with us that I realized the severity of this disease…I knew she was forgetting everything and not recognizing any of us but I really had no idea…I had no clue what this disease really does to the body and mind. We provided my grandmother around-the-clock care by feeding her, bathing her and trying to include her into anything we were doing.

She still smiled even though often times she was sad. She literally forgot how to do everything. I never knew that could happen to a person. Eventually she stopped eating and there was nothing we could do to talk her into it. She’d often say she was ready to go home…

I started fundraising before my grandmother passed away and even now that she’s gone, I still want to fight this awful disease which runs in my family. My great grandmother, great aunt and grandmother have all had the disease.  Even though I pray no one else in my family will develop Alzheimer’s, I fundraise just in case they do – or even I do…I pray for a cure.”

INVITE YOU TO JOIN US FOR THE LONGEST DAY SEASON                            TLD_shirt
To join Kelli and others like her in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, we invite you to join us for The Longest Day season. If you register by December 21, your TLD T-shirt will be upgraded to a performance grade shirt and you’ll receive
a Longest Day hat! Don’t miss out on this awesome early bird special!  To register for The Longest Day, visit alz.org/tld or call Emily Gamble at 937-610-7008.

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