Matthew Willis volunteers with heart

Matthew Willis at the Dayton Walk to End Alzheimer's

Matthew Willis is a caring and kind young man who has shown compassion in caring for others especially after the loss of his grandfather, who died from Alzheimer’s disease.

A senior at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School, Willis is one of many teens who volunteer for the Miami Valley Chapter. He has worked in the Chapter’s office and has helped out at numerous Chapter events.

During his four years of volunteering, he has attended the Dayton Walk to End Alzheimer’s with his parents and last year for the first time he met with local state legislators in Columbus as a part of Ohio Memory Day.

The opportunity to volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association seemed like a great choice for him, “not that Alzheimer’s disease caught my eye, it was just something that I seemed to have a good interest and understanding of and that is why I started volunteering,” Willis said. He enjoys volunteering and said he would encourage other teens to do the same because he gets to advocate for those who suffer from the disease on a daily basis.

He said he is glad to join the fight with millions of others who have lost a loved one to the same circumstance, and with other families and caregivers who dedicate their time to advocate for someone just like he has.  All those actions and efforts are tremendous sacrifices in your time, but they “create truly special moments in the long run,” Willis said.


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