Let’s Beat those University of Michigan Wolverines


The storied football rivalry between The Ohio State University and the University of Michigan will take on new meaning this year as the Alzheimer’s Association Chapters in each state battle against each other for state bragging rights mixed with a good cause.

The big game is November 30, but between now and Dec. 3, you can help us win the challenge to fund more services for Ohio families in need by making a donation to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

The Ohio Alzheimer’s Association chapters – proud Buckeye fans – have challenged the Michigan Alzheimer’s Association chapters – dedicated Wolverine fans – in a head to head fundraising challenge to see who can score the most touchdowns in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

  • Every $10 donated to any of our local Walk to End Alzheimer’s events will be a 10-yard gain for Ohio.
  • Every $100 donated will be touchdown for Ohio. During the week leading up to the big game and through Giving Tuesday, which is December 3, the state who scores the most touchdowns (aka raises the most money) for their team wins.

Get in the game! Donate today! 

Go to Alz.org/Walk to donate. If you don’t have a specific team, you can donate to the Miami Valley Chapter team.

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