New Support Group for Alzheimer’s Caregivers in Greenville

Family members who are caring for their loved ones with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease now have a new resource in Darke County.

When & Where
The Alzheimer’s Association Miami Valley Chapter has started a local Alzheimer’s support group specifically dedicated to caregivers. The group meets from 3-4:30 p.m. the third Wednesday of every month at Brethren Retirement Community, 750 Chestnut St, Greenville.

Rebecca Hall, Director of Care and Support for the Alzheimer’s Association, said, the support groups are a safe and confidential way for caregivers to share their thoughts and to get help. “Our caregiver support groups are meetings where loved ones of individuals with dementia can go to get emotional support, suggestions, and ideas from others who are walking a similar path. At the Alzheimer’s Association, we want caregivers to know they don’t have to face this disease alone.”

Katie Luce, facilitator of the caregivers’ group, said the support group really provides a support system and resource for participants. The group strives to “support you wherever you are in your journey.”

We’re here to help
The Alzheimer’s Association is the premier organization and advocate for families dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.  The organization’s 24/7 helpline- which is 800.272.3900 – connects individuals to a live person.

One part of the Alzheimer’s Association’s mission is to provide care and support to all affected. The organization does that through support groups, education programs, referrals to community organizations, help with enrollment in clinical trials and information that can help people better understand the stages of the disease.

The Association also has social workers who can provide individualized education and planning, and an online community resource finder that can help people identify housing options, medical services or community services. For more information, go to

Go HERE for a complete listing of our support groups.

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