Diversity work groups forming now


Diversity & Inclusion 
Diversity is a core value of the Alzheimer’s Association and essential to our work. To further this value and work, the Association has recently named Diversity and Inclusion as its own strategic pillar for fiscal year 2019 through 2021.

Work groups forming now
Locally, we want to share some exciting work as we move our engagement with minority groups under this larger umbrella of diversity and inclusion. The Program and Diversity advisory committee of the Miami Valley Chapter has created smaller work groups to focus on new avenues of engagement with faith-based communities, LGBT and Hispanic community health workers (Promotoros).  The goal of the work groups is to increase awareness, access and education in these communities.

Get involved 
If you’d like more information about any of the work groups or are interested in joining them in their work, contact Lorna at lchouinard@alz.org or sign up here. Spaces are limited.

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