Meet Charlene Chattams: An Alzheimer’s Hero

In honor of Black History Month, we like to take extra time out to recognize our dedicated African-American volunteers. Meet Charlene Chattams, another of our Alzheimer’s Heroes. Charlene has been involved with the chapter for many years, and has participated in virtually all of our events and activities in honor of her mother, Ethel, and her four aunts who had the disease.

Charlene has answered phones, participated in speakers bureau, the diversity committee, health fairs/senior resource, and yearly advocacy during Memory Day in Columbus to speak to political officials.  Charlene says she does it to honor her mother, but also to give back and help educate the black community, to support an organization that helps educate all and looks for a cure for the first survivor of Alzheimer’s, and to help raise money for Alzheimer’s.

Charlene’s mother, Ethel, is pictured below. Ethel started showing signs of the disease when she was 75. “Taking her to the memory care clinic and events for people with dementia helped her a lot. She had a great quality of life due to the assistance from the Alzheimer’s organization,” Charlene says.

 Charlene is pictured below at left with another of our volunteers Donna Campbell, who you can learn more about next week when we share her story.  

Charlene and Donna
THANK YOU Charlene for all you have done and all that you still are doing! Ethel would be so proud.

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