Helpful tips to reach Walk to End Alzheimer’s goal

We love our Walk to End Alzheimer’s® team captains, and as of mid-February, there are 80 registered for the five Miami Valley Chapter area walks  (Darke County, Miami County, Shelby County, Springfield/Urbana, Dayton).  That is incredible!

If you have not registered yet for the 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s, we would love to see you sign up early this year and jump start your fundraising.

Did you know that statistically you can raise more money if you follow these easy tips:

  • Sign up early in the year.
  • Recruit more members to your team.
  • Start your team with a self-donation.
We are here to help…let us know how we can assist you in reaching and exceeding your fundraising goal for 2018.  Feel free to contact Marshall Weil at or Maire Reynolds at
Register here for Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Miami Valley Chapter area walks.

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