Motivational Speaker, Caregiver & Author

Throughout her life, Loretta Woodward-Veney has chronicled family events through journals, photos and videos, seeking to capture every moment. After her beloved mother Doris was diagnosed with dementia in 2006, Loretta began documenting the details of doctor visits — recording people, places and things as a substitute for her mom’s lost memory.

Books by Loretta Woodward-Veney
The combination of written documentation and her incredible memories became Loretta’s first published work in 2012, entitled Being My Mom’s Mom. Loretta’s second book, Refreshment for the Caregiver’s Spirit, published in 2017, is a collection of travel photos taken by Loretta and her late husband Tim. Each scenic photo contains an inspirational message from Loretta intended to lift caregiver’s spirits as they navigate life’s challenges.

Being My Mom’s Mom: Empowerment Strategies from a Daughter’s Perspective
Since 2014, Loretta has delivered more than 275 presentations on dementia and care- giving that have inspired audiences across the United States. On March 16, Loretta will provide her personal perspective on the impact of dementia on relationships and will chronicle her current 11-year journey as her mom’s caregiver and present how forgiveness, patience, preparation and humor all play a role in effectively managing caregiving challenge.

Register Today:  Dimensions of Dementia Community Forum, March 15, 2018 | All-day Symposium, March 16, 2018  | Sinclair Community College Ponitz Center.
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