Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Dayton Walk Wrap-Up

We reflect with fondness and hope on the 2017 Dayton Walk to End Alzheimer’s. It was a powerful sight to see thousands of people gather together as we are connected by this  disease, but driven by something much less tragic; hope.

The impact is overwhelming when people driven by hope, come together.  We have raised $500,000 and that number continues to grow as we strive toward our goal and believe that with your help, we can get there!dev_daywalk_2017_ceremony.jpg

As thousands of people gathered together in Dayton on Oct. 7, people who weren’t directly affected by the disease were made aware of the disease, igniting a passion within them. When hundreds of people sign-up for Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch® and advocacy programs, government funding and research are pushed forward.  When families and individuals get to see that they are not alone in the fight against this disease, it gives them a sense of solidarity and a sense of hope.

Thank you for being part of the vision and mission as we increase awareness while fundraising in the community, thank you for advocating for the cause, thank you for pushing the research forward and thank you for sharing your hope.

One day there will be a world without Alzheimer’s, one day we will all hold a white flower and we will look back on the Walk to End Alzheimer’s with pride and confidence that when people rally together around a common cause, we can make a difference!

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