Local Science Night: Hear from researchers and physicians on Nov. 8

Are you wondering if you have memory problems as part of normal aging or whether it’s something more serious like dementia? If so, REGISTER TODAY for our Science Night Community Dinner! “Biomarkers: The Art & Science of Dementia Diagnosis and Care.”

Not too many years ago, getting a reliable dementia diagnosis could be difficult, confusing and time consuming. Today, diagnosis has become much more accurate and often quicker through testing for biomarkers (organic/physiologic signs in the body) with a variety of tests using spinal fluid, PET scans and emerging blood tests.

Learn the latest about diagnosing dementia at our dinner. You’ll also hear from national and local researchers/physicians about recent research with caregivers for those with dementia, as well as the science behind dementia music therapy. A nationally known photographer will also show how dementia is being depicted in photography in an effort to bring visual understanding and dialogue to an often-hidden disease.

Join us for a fascinating evening! Click here to register online or click here to download the mail-in registration form.

2017 Science Night PDF PG 1 for online use-page-001.jpg

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