Make a button or send a photo to honor your loved-one at Walk

FullSizeRender (1)
Dylan Herring made a button for his grandmother

People have various ways of remembering their loved-ones during the Walk, but this year we are offering a couple of unique ways to make it easy for you to pay tribute to anyone you’re honoring in the Walk. At Darke County, Miami County, Shelby County and Springfield/Urbana Walks, you can visit the Chapter table to make a photo button of the loved-one(s) you’re honoring in the Walk. In Dayton, we’ll project photos onto a Tribute Screen on Fifth Third Field scoreboard.

Numerous people made photo buttons for the loved-ones they were honoring last year.

Max Goble
Little Max Goebel made a button for his great-grandfather



If you want to make a button at one of the Walks, just get a copy of your loved-one’s photograph or print one off of your computer (approximately 4″ x 6″ size), and then bring it to the Chapter table at the Walk. We’ll help you make the button in about 2 or 3 minutes. We’ll supply the buttons and scissors; you bring the photo along with all your love and memories, and you’ll have a button you can keep forever!

This year at the Dayton Walk, the Promise Garden will be inside the stadium so it seemed only fitting that we offer walkers the chance to submit a photo to be included on our tribute screen as a backdrop before the Promise Garden ceremony. Just imagine what a wonderful tribute it will be to see this huge video screen scoreboard filled with individual photographs to honor those living with dementia or to remember those we’ve lost to the disease!

Photo from Alzheimer’s night at a Dayton Dragon’s game at Fifth Third Field a few years ago.

If you’re attending the Dayton Walk and want a photo of your loved-one included on the tribute screen please attach a digital photo to an e-mail and send it to Becky Keegan at by Sept. 20. If have questions, you can contact Becky at 937-610-7015.

If you haven’t registered a team or joined an existing one in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s you can do it from our website here.


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