Why we Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Sidney


Christine Douglas, Team Captain and Event Chair of the Sidney Walk to End Alzheimer’s, walks for those affected by Alzheimer’s and to spread awareness in the local community.  Christine explains why she is walking on Sept. 23 in Sidney.

Why we Walk 
I walk for the people I serve everyday.  My co-workers and I watch our residents with dementia descend into a world of confusion. We see their families’ heartbreak and feel their hopelessness. I walk because I know that the money raised is helping to bring awareness and ultimately a cure to this disease.  
Paint the Town
Spreading awareness is crucial and on September 6, we are painting the town purple. A group of marketing committee members will be painting the windows of many local businesses who are proud to support the Walk.  Please consider joining us if you can from 4:30-6:30 pm, or stop by the “purple” businesses to thank them for supporting the Alzheimer’s Association.
Sidney Walk to End Alzheimer’s
Join us in Sidney at Courthouse Square on Saturday, September 23, for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s  Check-in begins at 9:00 am and the Walk begins at 10:00 am. Register today at alz.org/walk or by contacting Maire, Walk Coordinator at 937-610-7006 or mareynolds@alz.org
By joining us at the walk, you are committed in the fight for the first survivor.

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