24/7 Helpline is here for you no matter what

The staff of the Alzheimer’s Association Miami Valley chapter answered 2,197 Helpline calls last year. They are available to answer your questions too!

Judi on Helpline
Helpline Coordinator Judi Allbery

Judi Allbery is the Miami Valley Chapter’s Helpline Coordinator. Judi has been with the chapter almost six years, and she brings many years of experience to the chapter. She takes calls in a friendly, relaxed manner. Judi describes the callers as “heroes” because each person uses the Helpline to connect with local resources, support groups, answers to questions, or maybe a friendly voice in a brave effort to help someone with a dementia. Judi says that many times after calling, a family member feels that a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders. Perhaps most important, all callers learn that they are not alone in the challenge of caring for or living with dementia.

The Miami Valley Chapter offers many free services to help families. Some of those services include Care Consultations and Dementia Coaching. These resources include a social worker who can meet with a family in their home, the chapter office, or on the phone to provide additional resources and care planning.

For diagnosed individuals the chapter offers support groups, education programs and social engagement opportunities. The Miami Valley Chapter also offers a tool that provides information about clinical trials. There also is a 24-hour emergency response serviced designed to identify individuals with dementia who become lost or have a medical emergency. There are also online tools such as Alzheimer’s Navigator for customized action plans, and the Community Resource Finder for easy access to local and national resources. Education is provided in-person or online for families, the community, and professionals. Support groups are designed for families and friends caring for loved ones with dementia.

No one should feel alone when challenged with dementia. Please call us. The Alzheimer’s Association is working diligently to help you and to achieve our vision for “A World Without Alzheimer’s.”


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