Meet the 2017 Dimensions of Dementia Keynote Speakers

The 2017 Dimensions of Dementia Conference begins on Wednesday, March 29 with a Family Forum Dinner, and continues on Thursday, March 30, with an All-Day Professional Symposium. Read below to meet Judy Berry, a Keynote Speaker for both the Forum and Symposium, as well as Herb Magley, a Keynote Speaker for the Symposium. Click HERE to register today, or call 800.272.3900. 

Judy Berry 



Judy Berry is the founder of Dementia Specialist Consulting, the Lakeview Ranch Model of Specialized Dementia Care® and Lakeview Ranch Inc. Residential Care for Persons with Dementia and Related Behavior. She is the 2010 Winner of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leaders Award, which honors individuals who have overcome daunting odds to improve the health and quality of life for low income seniors. 

In 2011 she was named an Encore Careers Purpose Prize Fellow in recognition for her success as a social entrepreneur over 60 who is using her experience and passion to make an extraordinary impact on society’s biggest challenges.

Judy’s personal experience with her mother and the disease will move you to see the person and NOT the disease in new ways. Her vast knowledge will help you discover successful ways to manage dementia related behavior and prevent it from escalating through validation, engagement and communication. Her passion and commitment to the cause, her personal connection and journey will inspire, revive and help you remember why you do the work that you do, each and every day

Herb Magley 

herb-magley-photo-2After his wife passed away from Alzheimer’s disease in 2015, Herb Magley decided that he would turn his story into an opportunity to help others. 

He is a tireless supporter of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. He serves as the Mission Chair with the Alzheimer’s Association Oklahoma Chapter and served on the committee to rewrite the state of Oklahoma’s Alzheimer’s Plan. 

Herb also raised more than $60,000 for the Oklahoma City Walk to End Alzheimer’s in 2016, and is the top seventh fundraiser in the nation. 

After the 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer’s season, Herb took the time to write personal emails to top fundraisers across the country. In his email he wrote, “It is my hope that the unselfish efforts of fighters like our top fundraisers will someday be rewarded by finding a way to stop this disease for those victims behind us, who are not yet diagnosed.”

“I want them all to know that they are way more than just Grand Champions in my mind, they are some of my heroes in this fight.  I applaud their hard work, their efforts and their results and, they all really ARE making a difference in his fight.”


Questions about the Dimensions of Dementia Conference? Contact Rebecca at 937.610.7013 or 

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